Why Kryptix

to find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts everyday

Earn Huge Profits

Most of profits generated from each of YOYOFI & YOYOAPP will be redistributed to community.

Earning Rewards

Inflation-funded block rewards and network-based transaction fees are earned in return for good validator performance.


Stakers sign a transaction with their private key that bonds, or delegates their tokens to a validator node.

24/7 Access

Access DeFi right from your wallet – start trading and lending instantly. There is no registration or setup.


Aragon based governance. YOFI governs the DAO - stakeholders get to decide the future of the protocol.

100% trustless

We ensure that there is no way to access your funds to make it as robust and secure as possible. Designed and models with maximum security.
Withdraw your liquidity and interest at any time.


Truly Decentralized Exchange

you’re always in control of your keys and can trade from your computer or your personal device.

Community Driven

A Community that has its agenda of making its own decisions based on what would benefit the Token, but what matters is the community and what they want.