YOYOFI will commence with building flagship
decentralized finance applications (Defi-Apps). These
products will be fabricated such that token holders can
utilize them seamlessly without hassles and newbies can
easily be oriented for better usage.
Since the token will have a full governance mechanism
for community decisions, every milestone achieved will
always be a motion set by the community because they’ll
have to vote for all initiatives.
It will drive us closer to the next phase on our roadmap
as it would help narrow down the next course of action
required to achieve our end goal which is to cause a
paradigm shift on Defi products.

Earn Finance Products

We’re building a transparent, secured, user-friendly, and simple yield farming platform, that would provide opportunity for the YOFI holders to get benefits from several platforms provided by YOYO FINANCE

Lending – YOFI will provide you with the highest yield in the market today, Upto 29% APR for supported coins (DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, BUSD, PAX)

STAKING – Stake YOFI and Earn 29% APR, YOFI can be unlocked anytime without any lock period or other obstacles on your way.

Yield Farming – It is simply based on a farmer who plants and harvests all his crops. The more you farm, the more the harvest, the more the invest the more the profit. With YOFI you will be able to enjoy Yield Farming to its fullest.

YOYOSWAP Exchange – Exchange between your assets without sending anything to anyone or without any fear of loss.

YOYOAPP–It is a decentralized mobile application of YFI.The platform aggregates multiple protocols. When users deposit, the platform will automatically allocate user funds to the current agreement with the highest revenue, and give users a name In order to prove the rights and interests of YOFI Token, users can withdraw their original deposited tokens and corresponding income through YOFI Token.

Dapps – Earn finance is also developing their own Dapp running on the Ethereum Network, allowing users to use it from any of their favorite wallet (Trust wallet, MEW, Metamask etc.) to search and use their Decentralized Ecosystem.

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