Details And Information:
Token Ticker: YOFI
Token Type: ERC20

decimals : 18

Token Cap, Price And Supply:
Token Sale Price Start: 0.03 ETH
Max Supply: 13,000 YOFI
SoftCap: 1300 ETH
HardCap: 4000ETH
Contract Address: 0x21b1B12FbE9bd04F1c729CBAA95863f9Fbe35c89

YOFI Tokenomics :
Presale – 30%
Liquidity Pool – 10%
Staking Pool – 10%
Development – 18%
Marketing & Airdrops – 26%
YFE Team – 6%

Team Token Lock-Up Period
The YOFI team and advisors’ YOFI tokens will be gradually unlocked over a 24-month (2-year) timeline, with each
release scheduled every three months.

Early Member Token Sale Lock-Up Period
Early community members who joined during the Member Token Sale round will receive 100% of their tokens
following the completion of the early member and member token sale

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